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"Another great weekend has passed in the world of motorsport in which I participated in my second race of 2023 in preparation for the Ferrari European Challenge later this year



Qualifying 1 went straight forward and as planned, putting ourselves in 1st place in the Ferrari Challenge "CUP 1" category.

Qualifying 2 however was not as simple. A red flag brought out by a stranded car meant that we had very little time, and very little laps, to be able to complete a competitive lad-time. Unfortunately, our best laps were then deleted by the time-keeping stewards because I had exceeded track limits ever so slightly. This meant only my warm up lap counted and placed us last in the CUP1 category and 25th overall.


Starting P8 overall on the grid, we aimed to see how high up the order we can get against the faster GT3 and Super Trofeos around us. After overtaking a few cars at the start, the race fizzled out early on and we came home for an outstanding P4 finish as well as the win in the CUP1 Category.


Due to our competitive times being deleted by race control, we had to start 25th overall on the grid and last in the CUP1 category. Going into the race, I had only one goal in mind - to win. Going into turn 1, there was a pretty large crash involving 4 cars which leveraged me into 21st place by the first corner. The next 25 minutes of the sprint race was an overtaking demonstration, passing Porsches, KTMs, GT3s and most importantly other Ferraris. The chequered flag fell and we came home in a brilliant P8 and once again, winner of the CUP1 class.


After adding our qualifying positions together, we start 14th on the grid for the hour long endurance race. Through this race, a combination of raw speed from the cars and durability of the tyres will surmount any performance. Knowing this we aimed for a Top 10, just shy of the GT3 cars.


After a good start getting up into P8, it was unfortunately another dull race. Again we ended up being in no mans land, faster than all the cars behind us, yet slower than the ones in front of us. We came across the line to finish in P8 and achieved our target and winning the CUP1 class once again.

Overall another extremely positive learning experience, and although we had some hiccups along the way, FF Corse provided me with the tools to do an incredible days work. Thank you to them and I look forward to the first round of the Ferrari iEuropean Challenge championship in the same place in late March."



Thomas Fleming's Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo
Thomas Fleming's Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo
Thomas Fleming's Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo
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