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The Fanatec GT World Challenge is a coveted and ultra-prestigious championship in the world of sports car racing with the best drivers from around the world competing for the top step.


A unique draw for spectators is the wide variety of manufacturers which line up on the grid, creating a sporting spectacle. TF will be driving in the new Ferrari 296 GT3 with AF Corse against various household teams and manufacturers. 


With TF being the reigning Ferrari Challenge World Champion, he will be one to watch in this thrilling, upcoming season of GT racing. By being a partner, you will be associated and involved in the year of racing success.

Thomas Fleming Ferrari 296 GT - AF Corse


Thomas Fleming's Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo

A sponsor of your logo on TF’s racing machine will catch the eye of hundreds of thousands of viewers collectively on streaming platforms and track side spectators from all across Europe. 


Current sponsors have relished in the exposure TF brings by running at the front, as well as representing their brands in off track interviews for both TV and news articles.


TF’s online presence is also on the rise, with numerous articles and social media mentions from Ferrari on race results and interviews.


As a partner, you are granted exclusive access to the paddock as well as the hospitality we have on offer at the race track ; a perfect day for clients, friends of family. You will get to see what goes on behind the scenes, and all the first hand actions cameras cannot always capture. 

Thomas Fleming on the podium in Estoril
Thomas Fleming being interviewed by Ferrari and Sky Sports F1


TF will be available to attend any promotional events your company may have, allowing your company to hear about the action first hand and be associated with Ferrari Racing.  

As a thank-you to your investments and providing the opportunity for TF to race, TF offers exclusive corporate track days and exhilarating passenger laps in his World Championship winning 488 Challenge Evo to higher tiered sponsors. Find out more by contacting


Often a fan favourite, driver cards are handed out at races and other events TF goes to. Your logo will be added to the driver cards, further increasing exposure. 

Thomas Fleming's driver card side 1
Thomas Fleming's driver card side 2
Thomas Fleming Ferrari 296 GT - AF Corse


Not only will you be associated with Ferrari, the most luxurious and recognisable car brand in the world, you'll also have direct exposure to their customer base and the championship sponsors themsleves. 

You'll also be associated with Thomas Fleming and the TF Racing Ltd brand, an up and coming talent who is only at the start of their professional career. 

FF Corse celebrating Thomas Fleming's double win in Estoril



Testing is vital if you want to be competitive. The championship has dedicated slots at each race week for teams and drivers to test, but it often isn't enough in order to collect the needed data. 

Testing has proved time and time again to be worth while, with TF's best results at tracks that he was able to test at prior. It is not necessarily a driver performance benefit, but more to provide the perfect set up for any weather conditions, and to allow TF to report any suggestions or feedback to the team. 

Your help will allow TF and AF Corse to hopefully test every track prior to a race. 

Thomas Fleming Ferrari 296 GT - AF Corse
Thomas Fleming Ferrari 296 GT - AF Corse


Tyres are a vital part of racing, but add a lot to the cost. 

During test days, TF will go through two or three sets a day in order to collect the needed data and to get a feel for the car under different tyre conditions. 

Through his experience, TF has developed the ability to adapt his driving style throughout a race depending on his tyre condition. 

Sponsorship will allow TF to go testing with a sufficient amount of tyres, further increasing his knowledge and data. 

Thomas Fleming's Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo


The entry fee is the first thing to pay for before a race weekend, and can be one of the most expensive single payments throughout the course of a year of competition.

Sponsorship will not only generate exposure for your business, but also enable TF to go racing ; to do what he loves and give him the platform to showcase his skills and talents.


Having people behind TF supporting him will forever be a motivator. After the race where TF managed to escape the gravel trap and win the race, he commented to the team that their belief and support helped him keep his head cool and go on to win. 

Despite having a differential break eight laps towards the end of the race as a result of the gravel trap, TF used his skills to escape and go on to win the race. 

Thomas Fleming's Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo


Please feel free to contact TF with any questions or queries either through the form below or directly by emailing:

Contact TF

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