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Black and white photo of Thomas Fleming leading the race in Estoril, Ferrari Challenge 2023.


 So far… 

“My career has been relatively unique, but there is nothing I would change”




“Relative to the traditional age to start racing, I embarked on my motorsport journey very late. A lot of my peers started at the age of 4, I started at 13 near on accidentally.


My parents took me to Rye House circuit (my local karting track), and I fell in love with the way it all worked. I entered into a rental kart championship, and in my first season won all but one race and set a lap record. An employee suggested I took the leap and tried out in professional karting, due to the ‘natural ability’ shown. By the end of the season, my parents had ordered me a Minimax Go Kart, something I will forever cherish. 

I don’t think any of us realised this was the first step towards racing Ferrari’s around Europe, or any race car for that matter, which is funny in retrospect.


My first year in Rotax Minimax (owner karting) was challenging as I was playing catch up and was out once a month if that, but the lessons I learnt then are ones I still apply to this day.”


Competing in the Fanatec World Endurance Sprint Series in the Ferrari 296 GT3 with AF Corse. 


“In May 2022 I had my first meeting with FF Corse which opened the door to take my first steps into the car racing world.

Without any car racing experience, everyone involved wanted to ensure I had what it took to race a Ferrari, and for their team.

The overall goal was set for me to race in the UK Ferrari Challenge as a pro-am. In order to do this, I not only had to prove my ability, but secure enough race signatures on my FIA licence in order to legally compete… and actually sit my ARDS test in order to get an FIA licence. 

By June I was testing a Radical SR1 and showed potential to the team, later backed by two P1 positions in the rookie class and two P2 overall in my debut. 


I was swiftly moved up to a Radical SR3, teaching me about downforce and further cementing my race knowledge and technique. In my first race I won overall, beating the championship leader. 

It was clear to FF Corse after each race I competed in, that the goal and aspirations for 2023 should be raised. The original plan to to enter Ferrari’s UK challenge as a pro-am was quickly evolved to the Ferrari European Challenge in the

pro-am category. 









After testing the Ferrari Challenge round Silverstone, I was doing similar times set by the pro drivers in the season just gone. The decision was made that I’d enter my first ever racing season as a pro driver, a massive leap from karting in Senior X30. 


Over the course of the winter, I competed in only 3 race weekends, which was just enough to attain the FIA license required to compete in the Ferrari European championship, two weeks before the first round. Despite having only raced the Ferrari Challenge car three times, the team certainly believed in me, which reflected back in my race results.

Through my quick turn around to car racing, I experienced numerous cars, all of which I felt I was not only able to adapt to their differences quickly, but beneficially learn from them and apply to the Ferrari Challenge. 


Despite being my first ever year in car racing, and entering in the pro class, I came out of 2023 as the Ferrari World Champion and Vice European Champion. In 2024, I am taking the step up into GT3 racing with AF Corse in the all new Ferrari 296 GT3."

-TF February 2024

Thomas Fleming in Radical SR3
Thomas Fleming in his Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo, driving in the GT Winter Series 2023.
Thomas Fleming's team and family celebrating after his double win in Estoril, Ferrari Challenge 2023.
Photo of Thomas Fleming in his helmet.
Photo of Thomas Fleming winning in karting
Photo of Thomas Fleming karting.
Photo of Thomas Fleming winning a karting race.


“Karting will always hold a special place in my heart, like most it was my first step into motorsport. Along the way I have learnt countless lessons, not just in race technique, but for general life as well. 

A huge lesson I learnt from it was resilience. I didn’t have the easiest of times in karting due to my late start and my height. But my passion, competitiveness and desire to do well always pushed me to keep going. 

I see this reflected back into my car racing today. There have been times in my car career where without this experience it would have been easy to give up, one example that springs to mind is my first ever race in the Ferrari Challenge; my ABS failed in qualifying and I qualified last. The frustrating part being my practise times sat me on the front row. Despite this, on my Ferrari Challenge debut I went from last to P2.” 

Thomas Fleming in Ferrari Challenge 2023, Valencia

Watch the race here: 

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In that same race I was awarded Driver of the Day and Overtake of the Day. A move known to most kart racers, and one I evidently hadn’t forgotten since stopping karting 6 months prior; again something I credit my karting days too. The move is played in the canteen where all the drivers eat on a race weekend which is pretty cool.”

Watch the full race here: 

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“Although I would love to, unfortunately I can’t be out in the car every weekend meaning I have to make the most of my free time to improve myself off track.

Instead, I spend a lot of time on a racing simulator, often racing against top E-Sport athletes. Although it’s not exactly the same, I have already seen skills I have learnt from this be reflected into my in life racing.


A prime example is race 1 in Estoril for the Ferrari European Challenge 2023. I was squeezed onto the gravel trap mid over take, an area that you can easily spin, crash or get stuck in. Thanks to my simulator learnings online, I managed to gain back control of the car by easing off the gas, allowing the car to naturally straighten and then putting the gas back on once straight. I went on to win that race with a broken differential and steering.”

Thomas Fleming escpaing the gravel trap in Ferrari Challenge 2023, Estoril.

Watch the action from that race here: 

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“To keep myself fit I follow a training program tailored to me. This allows me to not only maintain the strength needed to race, but means my body is better adapted to the physical strain and increases my stamina to ensure my peak performance lasts the entire weekend. 

My personal trainer helps me with my nutrition, especially on test and race weekends which I have already noticed has helped.

I also do karting every now and then, a perfect way to keep my reaction times low and fitness up… and for enjoyment. It’s so nice to go back to the paddock and see my old team.”

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